The Stranger writes about Creatura House

The Stranger Oct 2017

Former Roq La Rue Proprietor Is Bringing Creatura House to Pike Street

The block of Pike St. between Harvard and Boylston has had its share of turnover—sometimes fair, sometimes maybe possibly slightly not entirely fair—in keeping with the ordinary churn of urban retail. But because every vacant storefront brings the dual threat of a Quiznos or a wrecking ball, it's always nice when a new neighbor is also a familiar name. 

Beginning in December, the space that has been occupied by Alive & Well skateboard gear and apparel shop for the past five years will become the new home of Creatura House, "a boutique dedicated to home decor and fine art," co-owned and run by Kirsten Anderson, who ran the Roq La Rue art gallery for 18 years

Anderson's presence alone will be a welcome addition to the neighborhood, partly because she has weird, excellent taste and partly because she knows a thing or two about what it means for a business to be a steward of a community as well as a means of making money...See more HERE...

Kirsten Anderson