More Stranger Love for Creatura House

The Stranger Dec 2017

"Kirsten Anderson, the well-known owner and operator of the late Roq La Rue Gallery (which closed just over a year ago), is opening a new gallery and interiors shop today on Capitol Hill. It's called Creatura House, and it's located in the space once occupied by Alive and Well. I visited Anderson's new place recently and can say with some confidence that it has a different vibe from that of Roq La Rue, a gallery that featured pop surrealist work. Instead of the standard white walls, Creatura has textured paint, abstract elephant wallpaper, and slick black tiling. The new space also combines her passion for philanthropy, the natural world, and conservation with the business of art and design. As Anderson put it, “Everything in the shop is made to relate to the natural world in an artistic way.” ...See more HERE. 


Kirsten Anderson