Founder Kirsten Anderson in front of a painting by artist Camille Rose Garcia

Founder Kirsten Anderson in front of a painting by artist Camille Rose Garcia

Creatura House is a gallery/curated shop dedicated to not only art, but actual philanthropy! 

Our mission is to create a gorgeous space where one can find the best new contemporary art as well as a mix of enticing decor goods, all influenced by the natural world in some way. We source things that reference the animal, botanical, cosmological, and mineral worlds in an interesting, artistic, even abstract way. 

Creatura House was founded by Kirsten Anderson and Mark Long in December 2017. The idea for the art gallery/curated boutique came after a sabbatical Anderson took after closing her successful art gallery, Roq la Rue, after 18 years. During that year long break, Anderson shifted priorities to helping animals and started a 501(c)3 non profit called Creatura Wildlife Projects, geared towards helping assist already existing non-profits dedicated to helping wildlife. While the non-profit world was fulfilling, Anderson missed aspects of the art world and also had found a new fascination in eclectic decor and the concept of creating home sanctuaries. Mark Long (previously a silent partner in Roq La Rue) signed on and Creatura House was born. Creatura House is a blend of all these passions, a mix of art and philanthropy, a way to support artists as well as wildlife, and create and invigorating, exciting environment in which all those interests can thrive.

Kirsten Anderson is the owner/curator of Creatura House. She started and ran Roq La Rue Gallery from 2008-2016. She started street art gallery BLVD 2006-2008 and co-created the Squalor Harbor project with artist Derek Nobbs in 2015. 

She wrote the first survey of the burgeoning underground Lowbrow scene in 2014 called "Pop Surrealism", which effectively renamed the art movement. She also was the editor-at-large and writer at Hi Fructose magazine from 2007-2014.